Drilling: Bit-Sub Dynamics While Drilling ERD Well Design Consulting

Drilling overwatch

Drill Extended Reach (ERD) Wells safer and better using a cost effective and a tailored methodology.

Advances in drilling dynamics technology are key contributor to rate of penetration maximisation, drilling optimisation, and downhole reliability. An upshot of today’s complex downhole assemblies, well paths and higher downhole forces and vibrations could lead to damage of equipment downhole, cost increase and non-productive time.

Obtaining accurate drilling dynamics and formation evaluation measurements helps minimize equipment damage, borehole tortuosity, improve drilling optimization and completion efficiency, reduce nonproductive time by making sure that drilling roadblocks are identified in advance.

We supply state-of the-art and cost-effective drill-bit, bit-sub, and downhole drilling equipment, precisely to record and evaluate downhole dynamics parameters at a fast sampling rate and evaluate challenging drilling issues, particularly on long
step-out wells drilled outside of the known reservoir.