Production: Water Cut Measurement Wellhead Flow Measurement Digital Integration

To enhance Country National Security Revenue flow through exploration and field development, production of oil and gas, and from (crude condensate fields) requires accurate hydrocarbon measurement, allocation and monetization of gas – individual fraction types such as alkane hydrocarbons-boiling point fractions and mole weight fractions. We help our customers deliver task and targets by reducing their environmental foot marks, reducing sources of CH4 emissions to the environment, optimizing well pads, as well as working to eliminate test separators, flare stacks, flare gas and pneumatic valves (compressed inert gases) – helps increase their ecology and financial program outcomes.


The end results are typically to produce and deliver flows of petroleum or flows of natural gas to a commingled flow or storage to maximize “profit oil or gas” or “cost oil or gas” classification. Our extended support and technical partners offer some of the best technology and equipment in the industry to help deliver these local objectives.