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Intervention: Coil Tubing Digital Slickline Wireline

Oil fields after production period are referred to as mature field. Meaning that, the fields reached the peak of their production or producing in decline mode. These fields reached their economic limit after primary and secondary production and recovery efforts. Increasing water and gas production, decreasing pressure, and aging equipment are key indicators of maturity.

Development of mature oil fields has been and will increasingly be, an attractive proposition, be it tertiary recovery, infill drilling, horizontals, waterflooding design for mature fields, intelligent sand control, optimal well placement or other reservoir management processes for giant fields for majors and large or small fields for independents.

We focus on technologies and processes to help increase well performance through best-effective and cost-effective method and product reliability. Despite the prevailing circumstance, supporting production from each candidate well or field are pivotal to strengthening oil and gas market listing, enhance everyday commercial activities and people’s way of life.