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Message From The President

Overwatch Limited

Overwatch is a tight-knit team, a start-up family feel, and prides itself on its modern history to be a leading energy, oilfield equipment and technology SUPPORT company. Backed up by our international technical partners, paired with OUR Guardianship of Collaboration, Integrity, Profit, and genuine Respect for people and the environment.

We provide technology SUPPORT to help enhance local content objectives by forging relationship with Government whilst providing the leadership that will enable an impressive improvement in safety, integrity and performance. By showing our Employees, our Partners and Stakeholders real care and they will help drive-out cost and efficiency sustainably.

As a company with a modern history – digitisation, independence and sustainability are at the heart of our business collaboration, today, tomorrow and beyond. We intend to SUPPORT energy companies to drill wells faster, further and better. To help our customers to complete and produce their wells, at the same time utilising the best-effective and cost-effective method. We SUPPORT varied forms of energy, as well as a state-of-the-art technology solutions. By aggressively deploying cloud-based systems, providing on-demand self-service, resource pooling and broad network access. Delivering rapid elasticity and measured service to help reduce environmental defilement and as well as achieving our HSE “WATCH TO ZERO” goals.


Amid these challenges facing the energy industry a “3D EFFECT” as wells are drying up, demand for alternative energy is increasing to help create energy balance. Oil and gas reservoirs are located deeper underground, are complex and challenging to find, to drill and to produce. Businesses require cutting-edge-technology, proficient engineers and enterprise people, good people, to help advance growth and local content objectives. Through OUR Guardianship, our priorities include to enhance local content objectives, expanding our “WATCH TO ZERO” HSE program and our University “WATCH” aspiration. Collaborating with our technical partners to deliver distinctive service quality for our customers in all the countries in which we do business.

I am elated about this journey, excited to see what the future holds for Overwatch, to hit critical mass sooner, not later. I am also very proud of our Leadership team, our Vice Presidents, our Partners and our Stakeholders who help to drive this enterprise through their predilection and loyalty.

Thank you

Victor Chizoma Onyeaba – President & COO

Overwatch Limited

Energy, Oilfield Equipment & Technology SUPPORT Company
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Business Mission: Shared-Value Collaboration Enhance Local Content-Objective Technology SUPPORT

To enhance local content objectives requires knowledge of the market environment, entry strategy, as well as understanding the right risk mitigation plan. By forging relationships with Government and providing the leadership that would enable impressive improvement in safety and integrity performance and by showing our Employees, our Partners and Stakeholders real care, and they will help drive-out cost and efficiency sustainably.

Abiding by these high-pitched set of standards and compliance to local regulation enables us to deliver the highest possible technical SUPPORT for our Partners and to our Customers..

Executive Leadership


President and COO

Overwatch Limited

Victor Chizoma Onyeaba is President & Chief Operating Officer, a position he assumed in June 2020. Prior to his new role, he held various field engineering, consulting, sales and business development positions in Aberdeen, U.K., and Continental Europe as his primary location. Various international assignments and engineering positions from 2006 to 2015 in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Uganda, and U.S Land at Hobbs – New Mexico, Odessa, Kilgore, Fort Worth, EL-Paso, Weatherford and Houston, Texas. Plus, a brief hitch at Bonnyville, Alberta in Canada and Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E. 

Harry Ochuko Okoro

Vice President, Investor Relations & Local Content Engagement

Overwatch Limited

Harry Okoro, graduated as a Civil Engineer (B.Sc.) from the Premier Nigerian University, University of Ibadan. He also holds an M.Sc. in Construction Project Management and Civil Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Before starting Regent Construction, in 2008, He worked with C&C Construction company and ITB Nigeria Limited where he held different core responsibilities ranging from Site Engineer to Project Management in numerous large-scale construction projects.

Ibiyemi Adegoke Adebonojo

Vice President, Integrated Project Management

Overwatch Limited

After graduating from the university of Portsmouth with a B.Eng in Construction Engineering Management which is  a combination of construction engineering and project management , he has embossed over 8 years valuable experience in all aspect of the construction industry.


Operations Director, Nigeria & The Republic of Benin

Overwatch Limited

Mr Abiola Akinsanya is a BSC holder in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom and an MSC holder in Energy Studies with specialization in International Oil & Gas Management from the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Where We Work

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Nigeria: Overwatch Limited: Oilfield Equipment & Technology SUPPORT Company Limited:  Address: 1st Floor, Block B. Lofty Heights. Plot 105 Ganiyu Bola Hussein Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Ghana | Senegal | Equatorial Guinea | Gabon | Namibia | Uganda | United Kingdom

Upcoming Events

We intend to have ongoing collaboration with various chapters of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) globally, Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and with global oil and gas hubs. Working with varied media and energy conference organisers to reach out to our customers and the wider public to evangelise the message of sustainability, local content energy growth trajectory and associated risks and needs

Local Content and Investor Relations

Overwatch limited quarterly and annual financial report

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Reports and statements of collaboration with our technical partners

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Overwatch Limited Corporate Guidelines

Effective as of August 1, 2020

The Leadership (Leadership means, President, Vice President, Investor Relations and Local Content Engagement and Vice President, Integrated Project Management) has adopted these Guidelines to assist in the exercise of its responsibilities. The Leadership TEAM means (President, Vice President, Investor Relations and Local Content Engagement and Vice President, Integrated Project Management and Operations Director, Nigeria & The Republic of Benin).

These Guidelines will be reviewed annually by the Nominating Company Legal Team and revised as appropriate Partner means (Our Technical Partners and other business affiliation less conflict of interest) Stakeholder means (government relations, communities we serve and anyone with direct involvement in helping us to enhance local content objective less conflict of interest)

The LEADERSHIP primary responsibility is to provide effective governance over the Company’s business for the benefit of its Partners and Stakeholders. In furtherance of that responsibility, the President and Vice President, Investor Relations and Local Content Engagement will deliver and where applicable the Operations Director shall support


Total commitment to working safely and full compliance with Overwatch HSE Doctrines are acceptable conditions of employment, any business transaction and stakeholder engagement. Our “WATCH TO ZERO” HSE program and procedures must be adhered to at all times. Nothing less.

OUR “WATCH TO ZERO” HSE Policy, Vision & Mission

Covid-19 Outbreak Management Response

Policy Statement:  

The Health and Safety of our employees are of utmost importance to our Company, Partners and Stakeholders.  Overwatch is committed to the administration of a comprehensive program that promotes the health and safety of each of its employees and the environment. Protecting the well-being of employees and the public will always take precedence.

Devotion to safety is; a partnership wherein both parties share the burden of responsibility and accountability.  The positive outcome of Overwatch’ safety program relies not only on management’s commitment to provide a safe work environment, but also on the individual commitment of each employee, partners and stakeholders to uphold safe working practices. Good physical health and a positive safety attitude are key contributions which employees, partners and stakeholders must make in order to prevent injuries and promote an operational environment marked by safety awareness.

Overwatch will continue to do its best to provide the necessary programs, information, and environment which will promote an injury free workplace.  Together we can achieve a safe and healthful work environment protecting the well-being of Overwatch employees, partners and the ecology.

OUR HSE Vision:

We are committed to achieve zero harm to employees, partners, environment, communities and property and demonstrate sustainable leadership for effective occupational health, safety and environment practices. Adherence to these processes and procedures are key to achieving our long-term independence and objectives. Overwatch will continue to adapt to changing and expanding business conditions and market opportunities, taking into account the recent COVID-19 Pandemics. We believe that a benign HSE Policy differentiates our support service capability and technical partners from competition.

OUR HSE Mission:

To ensure that quality, health, safety, security and environmental considerations remain top priorities for management and for all Employees, Partners, and Stakeholders, while maintaining a culture of professionalism and collaboration, humility and genuine respect for our People, Partners and Stakeholders.

To achieve our mission, each Employee, Partner or Stakeholders of Overwatch are expected to:

  • Undertake primary responsibility for his or her own safety, and at all times
  • Devote to working safely
  • Review, understand and follow the Overwatch Safety Manual and that of its Technical Partners as required. As well as commitment to support our “Watch to Zero” Program
  • Engage his or her skills, training, knowledge and good judgement to keep a healthy, secure and safe work environment

Total commitment to working safely and full compliance with Overwatch HSE Doctrines are acceptable conditions of employment. Our “WATCH TO ZERO” HSE program and procedures must be adhered to at all times. Nothing less.

Victor Onyeaba  President & COO

Overwatch Limited


Our story (borne out of University of Portsmouth, England, U.K.) begins with what it truly means to have a shared value, respect, collaborative mindset on wealth creation, community empowerment and the zest to support new solutions and technology integration. As well as to deploy those solutions to any environment that needs them the most.

Funded in 2018 by Harry Ochuko Okoro and Ibiyemi Adegoke Adebonojo. Harry and Yemi have excelled in the construction business. They then decided to pivot into the oil and gas support services business and teamed-up with Victor Chizoma Onyeaba a long-time friend. Harry and Yemi’s key motivation were their learning about oil and gas operations, their love for the industry and its technology, as well as a reachable contact within Nigeria and surrounding African areas.

2018: Funded Overwatch

2019: Defining Strategy & Objectives

2020: Integrate Technical Partners and Services Support

University Watch Program

We believe that universities should be at the bedrock of technology and innovation. We intend to support local education and operational capacity through funding for schools, for top engineering and science students, events and learning roadshows all across the communities we serve.

We intend to have ongoing collaboration with universities that practice what we preach – supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and technologies directly related to the challenges facing local oil and gas industry and the alternative energy resource. Through these strategies and with our technical partners, we hope to enhance local content objectives, value and wealth creation, learning and sharing knowledge expansively for the benefit of society and ecology.

Empower A Community

We intend to designate a percentage of our bottom-line to empower communities anywhere we work and do business. By our Guardianship, WE focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through our University WATCH PROGRAM to support STEM students. Empowering more women, as good managers of scarce resources in developing countries, makes a powerful contribution to society.

We actively desire to have a positive and sustained collaboration, shared value, enhance local content objectives and technology support to spur development and integration with our Customers, Partners and Stakeholders.