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Interpretation: Wireline Open Hole & Cased Hole Logging Measurement While Drilling Logging While Drilling Digital Slick-line Production Flow Evaluation Geology & Fluid Analysis

Well logs provide insight, concise detailed plot of formation conditions in the sub-surface vs depth, aimed primarily at detection and evaluation of possibly production zones, porous or non-porous rock, wellbore geometry, subsurface formations, and drilling dynamics information and more.

From these plots, interpreters can identify and analyze equipment restriction, lithologies, differentiate non-reservoir rocks-shale and clays-from reservoir rocks, such as sandstone and carbonates utilizing the gamma ray equipment, bit-subs, or other available tools in the market. Effectively understanding and interpreting each measurement and all available data and integrating those outcomes with other quantitative measurements helps to gain a thorough understanding of your reservoir, drill challenging, shallow or horizontal wells better and faster. Manage length optimization and mitigate risks associated with oil and gas field exploration or development.

Our technical experts deliver best-effective and cost-effective interpretation required to make best-informed decision across your well life cycle-be it for wireline open hole or cased hole. For measurement while drilling, logging while drilling, digital slickline, production flow evaluation or for challenges associated with rock formation analysis.